Game/event room allocation

You will be required to meet with the game/event organiser at their table in the Registration Hall at the start of the session. For your session, the organiser will either run the game/event or allocate a GM (Games Master) to run the session for them, and you will be told which room to go to. If your GM does not hear from you or any member of your team if you are in one within 15 minutes of a session start time, he/she may declare the session cancelled. Similarly if your GM does not turn up within 15 minutes of start of session, or provide some indication of a revised start time, you may claim a refund for that session.

Game/event information

The details of each individual game/event given on this website, on the Conquest flyer and Conquest Convention Information Booklet (listed under game/event style) and are as follows: Title of game/event, designer/s or the person/s running the game/event, system: If there is one, otherwise it's considered 'systemless', number of players, entry type: individual or team (or both), blurb: such as you would find on a book or DVD (please note blurbs are only on the website and in the convention booklet)

Most games/events carry a rating from 0 (unnecessary) to 5 (critical) in the following categories:

Seriousness: indicates the degree to which the game/event welcomes gratuitous laughs, puns and so on. More serious games/events usually require more effort on the part of players to maintain and enhance the atmosphere, intent and integrity of the scenario.

Characterisation: indicates the amount of 'acting in character' that is required for the game/event to work well and be enjoyable. this could mean anything from acting out a scene, accents, or just relying on a character's personality more than game mechanics/stats.

System/Rules Knowledge: indicates the required familiarity with the system/rules used. Check with the game/event organiser if any rules variants are used.

World Knowledge: indicates the required familiarity with a particular background world whether that be based on a movie or book i.e. Harry Potter or invented by the author of the game or event.

Genre Knowledge: indicates how well you need to understand/have knowledge of the aspects of game/event genre i.e. Horror.

ADULT CONTENT: rated by indicating the minimum age appropriate in a player wanting to participate in the game/event i.e. Ages: 16+