Registering for the Convention

Every attendee must register with Conquest in order to participate in any capacity, even if they are a visitor, volunteer or trader onsite. Registering can be done online through AON, or at the convention on the day. Unregistered individuals on the convention site will be asked to leave.


Attendees can register online until about a week before the start of the convention. Attendees can register for the convention and sign up for events they want to join as individuals or as teams. Pre-registering like this allows players the best chance to get into the events they wish to be part of at the times they want to play; it allows event organisers to see how much demand there will be for their event; it allows the conorgs a chance to plan for how much space will be required. Pre-registration is done through AON.

Please note that pre-registration does not necessarily guarantee entry into particular events - although every effort is made to enter you into the events you would like to play, events are sometimes cancelled, or over or under booked such that they cannot run. If rescheduling your events is not possible, refunds are available from the registration desk (please note that single session refunds are not given for 'Get Wrecked' players).

Team entry

AON allows for one person to register multiple attendees for the convention. This allows one person to register and enter events for an entire team (although all attendees must sign their registration form on the day). Please use common sense when doing this and make sure that your teammates have not entered already.

Registering on the day

People are very welcome to register and enter events on the day! It takes a few minutes more to sign up on the day, and to enter events you will need to see the event organisers in the events hall. Some events are completely booked out before the convention even begins, but many others have space for individuals or teams all the way through the convention.

Entering an event

Individual event organisers are responsible for scheduling players for their games and events. Pre-registered attendees should confirm their entry with each event organiser on arrival at the convention. This gives both event organisers and attendees a chance to communicate any extra information about the event, such as whether extra players are needed to fill a session, or whether there is information about the event that players can have beforehand (such as character choices for roleplaying games). If you do not confirm your entry (or your team's entry) as early as possible, the event organiser may assume they need extra players for a session, and this can cause headaches for everyone. In most cases, confirmation with the event organiser is a simple matter of just saying "yes, we're here".

Attendees that register on the day will need to speak to individual event organisers about scheduling. It is recommended that you try and do this during the registration session (Friday 9am - 12pm) of the Convention, as later in the convention event organisers may be busy running their event, and coordinating entry to multiple events can be quite complicated.

If the event is a team event and you do not have a full team, the event organiser may allocate individuals into your team.


Many problems can be avoided by communication. If you know you are going to be late to a session, whether as a player or an event organiser, (especially first thing in the morning), please let the other attendees involved know ahead of time if possible.

Sometimes an event at the Convention will not match your expectations as based on the blurb. If you feel that you do not wish to continue with the event, you can politely withdraw from a session and either enter an event that suits you better, or discuss a refund with the organisers. Similarly, if an event organiser feels uncomfortable with your approach to their event, they may politely decline to continue, or arrange for another organiser to take over.