New Gamers

What is Conquest?

Conquest is a volunteer-run games convention (usually called a con). It runs from Good Friday through to Easter Monday, though you can come along for anywhere from one 3 hour sesson to the whole 13 sessions at the convention. Folks of all ages come along for a fun and creative weekend; some come along to play games or attend events; others plan, write and present at the con.

What is on at Conquest?

Each year sees a whole passel of new events presented at the con - games are submitted by event organisers a few months before the start of the convention. Once the game list is finalised, a description of each event will be available. The types of events that run at Conquest include:

You can mix and match what events you would like to play - most of the con's events only go for a session or two of the thirteen sessions at the convention. Once the events are finalised for 2011, the timetable for all events will be available on the site.

Why should I come to Conquest?

If you are already a self-described gamer, Conquest gives you the chance to meet other gamers, a chance to play new games, a chance to play styles of games that are hard to organise in smaller groups such as freeforms and a chance to show off your creative abilities by organising an event for the con.

If you're curious about gaming, then all of the above applies - plus you have the chance to get involved in a whole host of excellent fun, creative and social hobbies.

Conquest also hosts a Trader's Hall where many different companies sell various gaming and related hobby products and has a large canteen that offers a wide variery of foods and drinks.

Should I come on my own?

Feel free to bring friends! Some events are entered as an individual, but some of the roleplaying games take a team entry - somewhere between 3 and 6 folks enter an event to play for a given session, so if you want to play team events you and a group of friends can enter together.

Ok, you've convinced me, now what?

Once the game list for 2011 is finalised, you should have a look through the 'Games' section, and see what events catch your eye.

Once you've picked what games interest you, check out the 'Registration' section for information on how to sign up online - its not necessary to preregister, but it makes the signup on the day smoother for everyone, and you're more likely to be able to get into the events you want to play.

On the day, you need to bring yourself along to the con site (see 'Location') - the first step is to go to the con registration desk. If you've pre-registered online, all you need to do at the rego desk is sign the entry form, and collect your timetable. Then you should confirm your entry with each of the event organisers in the rego hall behind the con registration desk.

please note! - if you are under 18, your parent or guardian needs to sign the registration form. Please make sure they come along to the rego desk to sign you in, or we will not be able to accept your entry to the convention.